It is said, that every day a piece of Danny Chang’s music is played somewhere on the planet.

Danny Chang is an award winning composer/producer specialising in the composition of musical scores and songs for film and television.
Danny was the composer for the BAFTA nominated children’s series “The Snow Spider” and the Oscar nominated and multi-award winning animated film “Famous Fred” starring Lenny Henry.

Recently, hit series and films have included:


  • Orion’s Belt album / Wyn Thomas/ Producer/engineer 2020
  • Sprezzatura album/ The Kentish Spires/ Producer/engineer 2019
  • The Heights of Heaven album/ Arthur Hyde/Producer/engineer 2019
  • The Last Harvest album/ The Kentish Spires /Producer/engineer 2018
  • “The Kids from Seagull Street” series 2 (Wunderwerks) 26 x 12 episodes – 2016 / 2017
  • “The Kids from Seagull Street” (Wunderwerks) 26 x 12 episodes – 2015 / 2016
  • “Coconut the Little Dragon” – 3D Movie – Released 18th December 2014
  • “Princess Lillifee” (NDF)
  • “Three Friends and Jerry” (Fox)
  • “Felix Ein Hase Auf Weltreise” (Universal)
  • “Moon Bear” (German network)
  • “Time Team” (C4)
  • “Rusty Knight” (Calligari)
  • “Golden Child” Eddie Murphy (Universal) song on soundtrack album

As well as composing scores and songs, Danny produces and arranges songs for artistes and was Associate Producer on The Gordon Mills Story for BBC, and has been an Executive Producer, and Co-Producer on two feature films.